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Alaska Native Fisheries is a Veteran and Native Owned LLC, based in Alaska since 2020.  
We are a Family Owned and Operated Business that has been passed down for Generations.  We are your Local Alaskan Fishermen.  
We dedicate our time to Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon to give you the purest product. 
From Sea to Table. 
In a modern world skipping the "Middle Man" means top quality and a better wholesale price for you.  
We choose Quality over Quantity and sustainable fishing first.  

We are a proven Native owned Business by the IAC ( Intertribal Agriculture Council ) 
and our Salmon proudly wears the IAC certified Label.


Cloudy Ocean

Our Story is 15,000 years in the making

Let me introduce myself, my Name is Kenneth Gross, I am the Owner and Captain of Alaska Native Fisheries. 

With great pride my Alaskan Native Family has harvested Wild Salmon in Bristol Bay for generations, keeping our traditional way of life  alive. 

My earliest memories are fishing every summer in Bristol Bay, jumping from one Family boat to another and helping my Grandmother split fish to make her famous Smoked Salmon. 

To this day the smell of Smoked Salmon floods my brain with memories of my Grandmother. 

We are using the same boat, named “SEA TO TABLE”, I fished on with my Grandfather.  

It is our goal to supply you with the highest quality fresh and smoked Alaskan Salmon caught by Natives and Veterans such as myself. 

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Eagle River, Alaska


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