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Kenneth Gross

CEO/Captain of the “Sea to Table”

Our CEO and Captain, Kenneth Gross, has the incredible knack of translating strategy into golden ideas to impress our clients. We pride ourselves on giving back and helping mentor our younger team members.


Mitchell Landry 

Mitchell Landry


Lead Deckhand of the "Sea to Table"

An Alaskan Native who served honorably in the US Army, Mitchell joined Alaska Native Fisheries in 2021 and is our Captains right hand man and Lead Deckhand.

Thurman Lee Cairnes

Deckhand on the "Sea to Table"

Thurman joined our Crew in 2021 and has quickly become a valuable asset to our Company, he is the fastest Fish picker and a real life MacGyver. We are happy to have him back for the 2022 season.


Todd Skinger

Deckhand on the "Sea to Table"

Todd joined our Crew in 2022 and proved himself during the stormy 2022 Fishing Season. He is from the east cost and came with some drifting experience.  

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